Thes Tziveli


Thes Tziveli


The idea behind Thes&Thes lines is simple: an object that can excite and retain this fascination over time, focusing mainly on its content of "femininity" and not just on stylistic trend.

A creative result that you get with ability but also with research from the processing of raw materials. Indeed in this field Thes&Thes has decades of experience that is reflected in the finished product in the form of originality and quality. Create means committing to seek technical solutions by which thought can be expressed in concrete.

This commitment means that everything that is built into the form, at first sight, but not perceptible, in the field is translated in portability and elegance for the costumer.

This attention on inherent nature of the product produces an additional effect: the range of costumer is very large as it is not produced for a class of age, but for the woman and her femininity, which remains unchanged in every moment of this life.

Of course this approach has a fundamental value in the price: in fact the nature of research is to achieve a cost structure that gives the obvious luxury of Thes&Thes also an accessibility that makes it possible for the sensibility and taste of a wider range of costumer, without losing the sense of preciousness and originality, that have always been the aesthetic basis of the collection.


If you step back in the collections Thes&Thes you can easily see how many innovations, become characteristics in the field, have been there anticipated because it is always focused on technology that is renewed to give shape to the creative spirit.

This kind of analysis was at the basis of the decision to locate the production in Tuscany, in the Florence area.

During the following decades these items have been added to others related to personal history of Thes (Theodossia) Tziveli. A degree in economics in Italy, a qualification of fashion deign and modelling and a long family history of entrepreneurs and artists and an extensive experience in the field of raw materials.