Theia Lab


Theia Lab



In 2008, Theia Lab was created with the aim to redefine the existing fashion educational landscape in Greece. At Theia Lab, emphasis is put to the technical aspect of creating a garment as part of the fashion creative process.


With laser focus on the final outcome, Theia Lab offers students a unique opportunity to obtain holistic knowledge on the end to end process of creating a garment while serving as a meeting point of ideas exchange for those who share the same passion on garments creation.


This year, we are honored to celebrate 1,000 and more individuals who graduated from Theia Lab with a student fashion show. This year's participants are:


Georgantzi Evi, Giatras Denis, Giovri Bessi, Giosma Giota, Diamantidi Marina, Mitropoulou Iro, Niagasa Katerina, Nicolaidi Maria, Panagiotopoulou Kali, Parperi Lena, Chantzichristou Katerina and Christoforou Anna.