It all began when Theodora Provopoulou's magic wand touched a thread, a needle and a small piece of cloth...

Theodora's love for fashion, in tandem with her desire to make something totally different from anything she had already seen, led her to a sewing school in Spain. After conquering the basic couture principles she set off to master the construction of one of the most demanding and undervalued feminine pieces of clothiong: the corset.

When she returned to Greece, she formally founded THEIA, a brand that represents the most feminine aspects of a woman and brings out her personality in the most tasteful way. Technique and careful selection of materials used allow her customers to enjoy not only their image but also the actual "wearing of" their THEIA garments. Classical styles combined with originality of design lead to a brand that stands out in the fashion world as one of a kind.

Apart from the impressive corsets that cover a wide range of tastes, one can also address THEIA in order to discover that totally romantic look that one has always been dreaming about or just to get the absolute made-to-measure simple black dress. Accessories and underwear to complete a unique look can also be found there and of course the playful bridal dress!

No matter whether you love her because of all the colours she uses or because of the style she proposes; whether it is the careful manipulation of natural fabrics or the spotless fitting...

THEIA welcomes you to her fairytale... ! ! !