The Artians


The Artians



Konstantina Kampisopoulou and Sofia Vayena decided to follow their common passion by uniting their strong interest and vision in creating a fashion brand that would bond fashion and art in a unique way, having a strong and fresh identity.

After a long market research they created their brand, The Artians, with the moto When Art meets fashion and the vision of introducing globally a brand baring a Greek inspired identity and origin but given through a contemporary and totally new prism.

Luxury women-wear with their exclusively designed prints, on clothing defined by its high end design, craftsmanship and commitment to detail.

Different projects and inspiration reflecting great cultures and artistic influences of all kinds of art are embodied in each collection through exclusive prints and patterns creating a unique identity in each collection.

All materials used are basically made in Greece conforming always to ethically correct procedures.

The Artians collections have been in the Greek market and abroad (Europe & Australia) for 3 years selling at selected stores and boutiques and have been presented at several major fashion exhibitions and shows with great success.