Pamela was born in Connecticut, U.S.A, and currently lives in Athens, Greece. Brought up in a family where thread, needles and pins were a tradition handed down from mother to daughter, she developed an interest for sewing and designing from a very young age. After exploring other creative avenues, she holds a degree in Interior Designing, Pamela's constant love and passion for fashion design led to her pursuit of a career in the fashion Industry. She attended Veloudakis Athens Fashion Design school, and has had the opportunity to work in many fashion events. She currently works as the head-leader of the creative team for a well-known woman's footwear brand. 

Mary Theodorakakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Very early in her life she developed an interest in combining colors, shapes and materials. This creativity initially led her to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. Her fascination of fashion illustrations and the innovative approach of design patterns cultivated through this degree led her to combine her knowledge and her love for styling by pursuing a career in the fashion industry. She attended a Fashion Design school and had the opportunity to work in many fashion events.

Pamela and Mary met in 2010 at Fashion School.They had a great chemistry from the very start even though they have totally different personal styles and personalities, they share the same passion for fashion and admire each other's work. Hence, a strong friendship was formed and lead to the decision to combine their creativity and establish PixieMud.

PixieMud is a fusion of creativity, innovation and style that embraces the two creators' differences. PixieMud symbolizes the playful modern woman who has many personalities all wrapped into one, who loves fashionable clothes.