Pinelopi Lagadinou


Pinelopi Lagadinou


Born in Athens in March 1983, Pinelopi Lagadinou grew up in an artistic family environment.
With a mother and grandmother best on designing and making beautiful haute-couture outfits
for customers,by the age of 12 years old she was already designing her first clothes.

After finishing high-school in 2000,she attended economics at the university of Messologi
in Greece but already from the first year as a student there,her passion for clothes and anything has to do with the fashion world dragged her to study in a famous art and design school in her country,"ZER-FAM".

In 2003 Pinelopi takes her diploma with the best scores and starts her career in the fashion industry as a fashion designer working with numerous greek fashion companies. While spending many years "envying" those who can travel and work along, she decides to start traveling around the world and staying with people in many countries that still live and dress in a more traditional and in her opinion original way!

The last few years she launches clothes with traditional elements inspired from people that live in countries with different culture like Russia or some in Africa,Latin America or even nomads lost in the mountains of far East!Her moto is "Open your horizons by dressing".