Penelope Zagoras


Penelope Zagoras


Born in Crete, she opens Penelope Zagoras house in Paris, in 1982. Her wonderful collections win the Prix de l'Excellence de Comite Européenne».

in 1988 she presents the perfume of Penelope Zagoras with the name "Leida de Zagoras". In 1989 the government of Malasia invites her to present her collection in the event for the new King.

In 2001, she opens Penelope Zagoras house in Athens and cooperates with top models Andiana Sklenarikova, Amber Smith, Heather Stewart White and her guests are celebrities like Alain Delon.

She cooperates with Unicef and other charity organisations.

In 2004, in parallel with the Olympic games in Athens, she organises an international fashion show with cooperation of Cerutti, Montana, Susanne Weibe, Lars Wallin and Zandra Rhodes.