Peace & Chaos are made up of 2 individuals, Nefeli Allan & Dimitris Pantazis. The name is inspired by the characteristics of the two, Dimitris being the Peace Maker and Nefeli being the Chaos.

Nefeli was born and raised in Manchester, England. Studying Graphic Design & Textile Print at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dimitris studied Graphic Design in Greece and is a Print Designer with 15 years experience.

Nefeli & Dimitris met in the field of Fashion in 2007. They worked alongside each other at a leading Greek Fashion Company as a team.

They eventually became a couple and decided to challenge themselves and create the brand that really represents who they are. They started Peace & Chaos on their own with small steps and big passion.

Peace & Chaos are constantly evolving, always inspired by print as this is where their expertise, speciality and passion lay.