Pansik Students


Pansik Students


Creativity, experiment, development, expand and explore, are only few of the words that describe the mentality that represents PANSIK Scuola di Moda.
Under the surface of the fast pace of these modern times lies a school that has the finger on the pulse of fashion.

PANSIK represents what we refer to as "Fashion School", the artistic style that arises from a progressional way of education where teachers together with the students tackle all segments of the fashion world. We encourage students to broaden their minds, work hard and challenge their creativity.

With a great specialization in the fashion field PANSIK continues to invest in modern fields of fashion that include all the specialized courses as following: FASHION DESIGN, FASHION MARKETING, FASHION STYLING & ΜΑΚΕ UP, PATTERN CUTTING, SEWING, MERCHANDISING, HAUTE CUTURE, FASHION ACCESSORIES, MODELING
PANSIK promote and support the new talents that arise from the young generation of designers and professionals in the fashion field. In addition it provides many opportunities to help all the students to realize their strengths and possibilities and give them the chance to contribute to the 21st century.