Konstantinos Mitrovgenis


Konstantinos Mitrovgenis


Konstantinos Mitrovgenis was born in Athens. He studied fashion design at Zer-Fam School.

He has showcased six times in AXDW. At the 10th AXDW, he participated in the competition of «New Designers Awards» and he won the awards of «Best New Designer» and «Best Catwalk». As the winner of the first award «Best New Designer», he had the opportunity to participate in the organization «Bridge of Fashion» in Germany where he represented Greece among other fashion designers from 11 different countries.

He has participated in the contest "48 Hour Fashion Project" and in the «Bulb Fashion Project", an ecological fashion show where he presented a parachute that turns into a ​​dress. Also, he gained the third place in the 'Triumph Inspiration Award' competition.

His style is different, modern and unique. He is a pioneer by creating lighted 3D structures, dresses with animations like the dress with the 800 eyes that blink, modular clothes like the bag that turns into a blouse and dress pants made into ​​a coat.

During the 14th AXDW he showcased his first Swimsuit Collection "Life" while during the 15th AXDW he showcased the collection "Unfold".