Gaffer & Fluf


Gaffer & Fluf



gaffer tape: a strong, tough, cotton cloth pressure sensitive tape with strong adhesive properties. It is used in theatre and film productions

fluffy: something light, airy & soft.

Two different elements combined in one. A world where hard meets soft, edgy becomes circles and every piece morphs into something else with simple adjustments.

The designer behind gaffer&fluf is Katerina Vamvaka. Her long background from costume design for theater, TV, cinema and commercials, brought her to understand the singularity of each female body and how to get the best of it every time.

Taking part in international exhibitions, White Milan and Tranoi Paris, selling worldwide since 2011, she also focuses in the Greek market in 2013.

In collaboration with Costas Patzias, they introduce the first men's collection for SS14.

In July 2014 Katerina Vamvaka was awarded with the Mediterranean Fashion Prize and represented Greece in "Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode" in Marseille. After that, she was invited to participate in the first fashion Biennale in 2016 in Marseille.