Demis Araniadis


Demis Araniadis


Growing up in the 90's, Demis Araniadis is an artist of change and innovation. Born in Thessaloniki, where he lives and works, he belongs to the city's emerging designers with significant moments through his way in fashion. Raised in an environment which was directly related with creation, as his mother was embroidering bridal and his grandfather was a shoe tailor, he was soon initiated into the world of fashion and find interest in designing and creating.

At the age of 18 he decided to follow his talent and studied Textile / Clothing at the apprenticeship schools of OAED. As a graduate he presented his first Prêt-à-Porter collection at the European Fashion Week alongside some of the biggest names in the Greek fashion. Since then, he dynamically continues, with many collaborations and important moments, to show us diligently his collections.

Original and unique creations addressed to women who want to show off their rock and punk side, always with style and elegance, while 80s references and minimal lines will complement the new design line of Demis Araniadis