Christine & Joe


Christine & Joe


Christine: An actor and artist since 18th year of age, creative, with love and stance about fashion. She has taken part in many daily TV programmes and films. She has also been a hostess in several relative events and a lot of beauty contests in Greece ana Italy. She has lived in Rome for five years where she took part in several very well known weekly telecasts for the channels RaiUno and RaiDue.

Joe: She hung out her shingle at 17, selling clothes for eponymous fashion houses. She built her first atelier in Kolonaki when she was 22 years old. At the age of 28, she continued to cultivate and create with special love for fashion, designing prêt a porter and haute couture for her own fashion house together with her ex husband. She has special designed for very well known persons of show biz, as well as for eponymous artists, performers, and singers. She also had the diligence in styling of plenty cinema films, TV productions and theatrical place.

Their attitude is that a woman behaves to be feminine and sexy! The style of their collections is qualified with chic rock elements that can fit in every feminine look. Main attitude for JC christine&joe fashion house is beauty FULL women!