Carmen Emanuela Popa


Carmen Emanuela Popa




“ What inspires me…

Drama of this world with all it entails, wars, famine, poverty .. in contrast to the “blessed” world with peace and joy of living, as I tried to juxtapose two complementary worlds in my last collection for the last season SS 2013 “Contemporary Unknown Soldier”. On the one hand the coat of unknown soldier, hero of a real war or of every day wars, as each of us … and peace offered by the image of a ballerina tutu, including the idea of innocence that actually soldier wears with him everywhere .. Sometimes, in the morning .. when I come back to the reality of this world .. I simply see these images! .. divine characters that basically talk about ourselves..."


New collection for the next season SS 2014 | Woman N | Carmen Emanuela Popa, will be presented at 14th Athens Xclusive Designers Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia.