Cacharel was founded in 1958 by Jean Bousquet. The House remains close to its initial and successful fashion codes by offering some creative yet accessible collections.


The brand is rewarded with its first true success when the iconic crepe blouse is photographed by Peter Knapp on the cover of French Elle magazine in 1963. The story of Cacharel can then write itself with designs of stylists such as Emmanuelle Khan and then Corinne Sarrut. Around 1968, Jean Bousquet meets photographer, Sarah Moon, and publicist Robert Delpire they all work together to create Cacharel's romantic universe which will remain immortalized through poetical, dreamy and enchanting pictures. In the late sixties, the first Liberty blouses start to blossom. Cacharel is now a booming brand, a fashion reference, and the Liberty wave explodes in the 70's.

Numerous designers will follow and participate in Cacharel's international radiation. Nowadays, design is handled inside the House by a team composed of different designers and artists.