Agaliou Konstantina


Agaliou Konstantina


The story stops to fashion... Kostantina was born in 1986. Although she studied industrial management and worked, for a long time, for a clothing industry, she decided to follow her strong passion for fashion.

During her studies in the Athens Fashion Academy and close to her Creative Teacher, Dimitris Strepkos - Celebrity Skin, she managed to participate, in 2010, at the Pan-European Fashion Competition of Chevrolet Europe. The subject was "the futuristic outfit for the Chevrolet Brand" where she earned the First National and the Third Pan European Award.

The inspiration and the extraordinary of the geometry and the futuristic style stimulate her interest. She loves clear lines and the different combination of the materials. The quality of the garments, the forms and the sewing are the characteristics of her clothes. She loves to dress people with strong personality that dare to wear the innovating style.